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Facials: in our facial treatment we use a range called strictly professional. Strictly professional comes in a variety of skin types from sensitive, oily & nourishing. Some may say soothing for sensitive skins which contains camomile & aloe. We carry out a consultation to determine which type of facial range will suit you best for your skin complex.


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We carry out a variety of massage within our salon, Oil lotions and cream lotions are both an option to choose from to suit every individual. 

Pregnancy massage also available for those tired mummys.



Waxing: Normal waxing of the brows, arms, legs,  stomach and back we have a beautiful vanilla creme wax, smells lovely and is fab for hair removal. our after our waxing treatments we have options for either applying a creme soothing lotion or an oil type lotion. This helps move away sticky residue and also to calm the waxed area down. For intimate waxing we use a beautiful sienna X peel wax with step 1, 2 & 3. Amazing results.

Hands & feet


Manicure/ Pedicure beauty treatments : ASP. Beautiful soft fragrances and not over powering. Mint fragrance for the feet. we love a cooling feel to wake them tired feet up.

Spray tanning & sunbeds


Spray tanning:   we love tan truth. what more does anyone want except a natural glow? Tan truth is a very natural light weight formula which settles and develops within 6-8 hours.



Ear lobe & nose piercing New image are fully qualified, Insured & Licensed in ear lobe & nose piercings. Ear piercings available from 1 years upwards Nose piercings available from 16 years old & parents consent.

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